ATC AUTOMATISME   a été crée par    Mr FERTANI Rachid - ingénieur électromécanicien - en février 2001,

après une longue expérience dans le domaine industriel.

la société , a été engagé , in marketing of the pneumatic components, pneumatic valves and plastic tubes which are imported from italian and turkish companies.Also, ATC AUTOMATISME  was committed to technical assistance for our customers.

As well as a hight-qualified technical and commercial  staff,  ATC AUTOMATISME  has an extensive knowledge and experience in distributing the best quality of the pneumatic and hydrolic components.

Our  company has always been active in aiming to deliver quality, innovation and flexibility with reference to customers' requests.

Thanks to these key caracteristics, ATC AUTOMATISME has reached a successful position both in the market of pneumatic automation and technical assistance. 

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